14 best baby bath seats and supports | UK 2023

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Because anything that makes bath time easier is a win in our book Baby Potty Trainig Seat Cover

14 best baby bath seats and supports | UK 2023

Shopping for a new baby bath seat? Similar to high chairs, these clever seats and recliners are designed to keep your little one supported and entertained during bath time, so you can tend to their needs without having to continuously prop them up.

That said, finding the ideal bath support for your baby can be challenging. What's best for newborns, is size important and how can you ensure your precious bubba stays safe in the tub?

If you want to get clued up on how to keep your water baby safe and happy, you’ve come to the right place. From recliners for newborns to interactive play seats for distracted toddlers, we've rounded up the best tub accessories on the market to make bath time plain sailing.

From Angelcare to Skip Hip, here are the best baby bath seats at a glance.

So, how do you choose the best baby bath seat? 'Make sure it's suitable for your baby’s age and weight,' advises Jumaimah Hussain, parenting expert at Kiddies Kingdom. 'And ensure it has sturdy surface attachments, good quality suction cups and a strap or safety bar in the middle to prevent slipping and sliding in the bath.'

Here are a few points to consider before purchasing your first baby bath seat:

While bath supports and recliners are aimed at newborns, seats are designed for slightly older tots, ‘Most baby bath seats are recommended to be used once your baby can sit up unassisted at around six months, and usually until they reach two years old.’ says Hussain.

Prices can vary so it's worth shopping around. If you want a bath support that comes with all the bells and whistles including safe suction cups and interactive elements, you should expect to spend a little more. But if you just need the basics, depending on your budget, there are plenty of quality offerings to choose from that will suit both you and your little one's needs.

Do you want a baby bath seat that will last for years and help keep several members of your growing family clean, or a trusted newborn recliner that you can use for a shorter time period before upgrading to a bigger size when your baby learns to sit up?

From neutral tones that suit minimalist decor, to brighter shades for statement bathroom suites, there’s plenty to pick from to match your interior, so shop around until you find the style that fits.

While most baby baths are built with safety in mind, keep an eye out for a built-in thermometer to ensure the water is the right temperature, non-slip elements to prevent your little one from capsizing in the tub, and smooth edges that won't hurt tiny hands (and yours too!).

Provided you're always within arms reach, baby bath seats are generally safe to use. But it is worth keeping the following tips in mind:

A high backrest and hinged ring complete with child safety lock make this seat from Rotho Babydesign a strong choice for keeping wriggly babies safe at bath time.

It comes in four colours, has a matt seat to prevent slipping, and four suction feet on the base.

This nifty bath seat comes complete with a clever heat-sensing star on the front to let you know if the bath water is too hot for your baby. It also comes with a padded, non-slip seat with plenty of leg room.

It's best suited for babies who can sit up unaided and the hinge opening on the front makes it easy to get your baby in and out of the seat with no fuss.

Perfect for babies who are learning to sit up and beyond, this bath seat from French brand Thermobaby features three swivel toys for keeping little hands occupied and a non-slip seat surface.

It also has a high back for extra support and four suction cups on the base to hold everything in place.

Another great baby bath seat from our friends at Angelcare, this one is better suited to curious tots who like to keep an eye on the world.

It keeps baby in an upright position at all times, so they will need to be able to sit up unaided. But the suction cups are handy for keeping your little one firmly in place.

This lofty view of the world is great for playtime, but means you will need to remember to scrub behind their tiny ears!

The go-to bath support for little babies, this one gets rave reviews in parenting circles and our mum tester gave it the thumbs up, too.

Designed specifically for newborns and babies up to six months old, it has a unique contour that will keep your little one reclined and comfy during bath time.

It also comes with a sturdy anti-slip base and an indicator to ensure optimal water height.

If you've been weighing in on the at-home baby scales debate and just can't decide if you should invest in one, we have the solution!

This clever bath baby doubles up as a scale so you can scrub your tot down and track their progress at the same time. Genius.

It also comes with an integrated seat to support your wriggly tot, plus the digital water thermometer is a nice touch.

Best suited to babies over six months old, the Deluxe Fluid bath seat from Spanish baby brand Jané World is sturdy and practical. The soft base provides additional comfort, while the drop-down front means your little one can get in and out with ease. If you’re short on storage, fret not, the bath seat can easily fold up after each use, too.

Multitasking mamas who are trying not to buy absolutely everything for their new bubba will appreciate this simple but effective two stage baby bath from Mamas & Papas.

It looks like a bog standard tub but on closer inspection it features a reclining newborn support and a seat for slightly older tots too, effectively doubling its lifespan while keeping your mini me squeaky clean.

This is technically not a bath seat, as it incorporates the whole bath. But if you have a curious little one who likes the idea of sitting up to watch the world go by (but still needs support to achieve this) or you live in a flat that has a shower instead of a tub, it's the perfect solution.

Simply fill it up, pop baby in and get scrubbing!

A great option for wriggly babies, this bath seat from US brand Summer Infant comes with three sturdy arms that can be screwed into the bath sides for 360° support, so it will secure your little one in place and free up your hands for an easier bath time.

If your mini-me is not a fan of bath time, this fun and interactive seat from Safety 1st will be just the ticket. Suitable for babies aged between 6-12 months, it's bright, funky and comes with a central roller ball bath toy to provide a welcome distraction for little people. We also rate the four sturdy suction pads that secure the seat to the bath's surface.

This is not a baby bath seat as such, but a floating, foldable pillow that's travel-friendly and will keep your newborn supported during bath time.

The mesh cloth top makes it non-slip for really small babies, plus it's machine-washable and quick-drying too.

Not quite a bath seat, but this is a worthy bath time investment that will grow with your little one. Skip Hop's Moby baby bath will see your baby from the newborn stage up to 6+ months.

It features a mesh sling that offers full-body or lower-body seated support. And when your baby is able to sit up unaided, the support sling can be removed and transformed into a spacious tub.

Small bathroom owners rejoice! This Stokke baby bath folds down so it can be stowed neatly away when not in use. It’s also ideal for travelling thanks to its compact design, and its features include the brand’s famous heat-sensitive drain plug.

The plug changes colours to let parents know when the water needs to be checked and it can be used for other children, or donated to a friend once your little one outgrows this baby bath.

Don’t have a bath at home? No problem! This handy baby bath is suitable for use in a shower. It’s compact and lightweight, featuring anti-slip rubber feet to keep it stable.

Plus, it has a quick-draining plug and a clever maximum water level indicator to tell you when the tub is getting full. It’s available in a range of colours, including grey, green and white.

Baby baths don’t come much cuter than this adorable one from Etsy. Adorned with Peter Rabbit, this bath would make a great personalised baby gift and is an opportunity to support a small, independent business.

It’s lightweight and features a built-in thermometer so you can keep track of how hot the bath water is, plus a maximum water level indicator. You can also buy matching accessories including a bath tray and toiletry bottles.

If you’d rather get everything in one go, then we love this Mothercare baby safari bath set.

It includes a baby bath with an easy drain plug, a ‘top and tail’ bowl for washes in between baths, a soft sponge and an adorable matching robe to wrap your little bundle in once they’re out of the tub.

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

14 best baby bath seats and supports | UK 2023

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