Sonos and Ikea Have Teamed Up to Make a Speaker Floor Lamp

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The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker pulls double duty of working as a Sonos speaker and a floor lamp. Modern Metal Floor Lamp

Sonos and Ikea Have Teamed Up to Make a Speaker Floor Lamp

It's been more than three years since Sonos and Ikea released the first two speakers in their collaborative Symfonisk (which means “symphony” in Swedish) line. They were a bookshelf speaker and a table lamp speaker; both of which worked exactly like Sonos speakers, but were more affordable and were designed to better blend into your home.

Since then, there have been other speakers added to the Symfonisk line. There is a picture frame speaker, which hands on your wall and looks like a piece of art. And there's a second-generation table lamp speaker, which is totally redesigned from the original and gives you the option to pick from different lampshades.

Now, the pair have introduced the newest Symfonisk speaker — and it's a floor lamp.

As its name gives away, the Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker is a Sonos speaker that's disguised as a floor lamp. It stands about three feet tall and comes with a bamboo shade — although, according to the press release, you'll be able to swap it with a number of other lamp shades that Ikea sells.

As for sound, the Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker will work very similar to a Sonos One SL. You'll be able to group it with other Sonos (or Symfonisk) speakers that you have in your home. It does not support a voice assistant like a Sonos One and therefore won't respond to voice commands. Maybe the coolest thing about the speaker is that if you buy two, you can configure them as rear satellite speakers in a home theater system with one of Sonos's soundbars.

The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker will work with Ikea's Dirigera ecosystem of smart home gadgets. Through the Ikea Home smart app, you'll be able to turn the light on or off, set a schedule for it, as well as integrate into a scene. At the time of writing, it's not known what type of light bulbs it'll take; however, I'm guessing that it'll support standard E26 light bulbs just like the updated Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker.

Sonos and Ikea Have Teamed Up to Make a Speaker Floor Lamp

Clamp Light Fixture It'll cost $260, and will be available sometime next month (January 2023).