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The Viral Migraine Relief Cap Is Over 25% Off For Prime Day | HuffPost Life

Whether you get frequent headaches, suffer from TMJ pain or experience migraine attacks, having items on hand to help cope with pain can help to ease suffering. Migraines can be particularly debilitating, as previously explained by Dr. Narayan Kissoon, a neurologist at the May Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. This genetic sensory processing brain disorder can cause severe and debilitating attacks, and sufferers should consult their physicians on the best course of action for their treatment.

But it is possible to tackle the pain head-on (excuse the pun) by adding a simple item to your migraine arsenal: a cold cap. This TheraIce headache relief cap offers cooling compression around the entire face and head and can help to provide a fair amount of physical comfort while also blocking out light and helping you to relax. As luck would have it, it’s currently majorly discounted as part of Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, so you can pick one up and save.

This simple cap can stay cold for up to two hours, so you can put it on and do your best to drift off to sleep knowing that it’ll provide lasting relief. It is made with stretchy, moldable material that cradles the contours of your head and face, melting away pain, stress and discomfort. A reviewer even said they use it for hangovers.

This reusable ice pack wrap has a soft gel-filled design that helps to soothe aching heads and puffy eyes. It can also be used as a heat pack, should you ever require warmth.

This at-home pain relief remedy can’t stop the pain from coming, but it can help to mitigate the severity of the symptoms or even just provide a bit of comfort. Take a look at a few glowing reviews at Amazon and pick one up for yourself while the deals are still hot. You’ll be glad you had the foresight to buy one next time the pain hits.

“I’ve suffered with migraines all my life. This cap is great because it covers the back of your head. I have used cooling masks for years. This extra extension of the cooling effect all around your entire head is very refreshing. Highly recommend.” — J. Hardman

″I have nothing negative to say about this item. It is well made and very comfortable to wear. Without even refrigerating, it is cool to the touch. When you pick it up, the feel of the fabric and the weight just make you want to put it on. It will not slip, no matter what position you move your head or are most comfortable sleeping, and offers just the perfect amount of pressure. For headache relief, the pressure and darkness are very helpful, but even for someone without a headache, it is very soothing, and is a great item for anyone who simply wants a dark room.” — Morgan

“Surprisingly effective. I would not have guessed this would be so effective for stopping my head aches in their tracks but it really does. As soon as I have a headache I put it on and and I can feel the tension sipping away.” — Joseph Walker

“Amazing product. I love this face mask so much! Even at room temperature it still feels cool. This is so soothing and helps with all kinds of headaches. I will definitely recommend this” — Carsten Bunker

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The Viral Migraine Relief Cap Is Over 25% Off For Prime Day | HuffPost Life

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